Hi! I’m Claire

I help women who are trying to conceive or suffering from menstrual disorders to increase their chances of conception (if this where they are at); and/or relieve physical and emotional pain. How? By using a holistic approach with peer-to-peer support.

My menstrual wellness journey all started when I came off the pill. My knowledge of my own body was basic. I was completely unprepared for the avalanche of side effects to come, which wreaked havoc on my entire life – even my relationships. The rollercoaster left me alone and broken on the couch – and I couldn’t even tell my partner what was wrong…because I didn’t know. Poor menstrual health can wreak havoc on every other aspect of your well-being.

So, I started searching for answers – and since then, I’ve become obsessed with menstrual health.

I have always loved yoga and holistic approaches to healing, so I started studying women’s health. Soon enough, I started to experience positive effects on my menstrual health and fertility as I was implementing mind and body tools. I desperately wanted to understand more about my body and its capacity for healing – without chemicals.

Long story short, my cycles were long and irregular. After coming off the pill, I experienced a LOT of mood swings, heavy flow, and period cramps. 
Today, my symptoms have improved drastically – and I have found my life calling: To help other women who are looking for relief.

I have founded Her Yoga Practice

Ever since I started practicing Yoga, I’ve always found it to be a nourishing and spiritual experience. However, I truly believe that women’s bodies and monthly rhythms should be part of the experience. My passion for women’s health, and my own experience with hormonal imbalance, prompted me to explore holistic solutions to rebalance my hormones – and I soon discovered the benefits of specific types of Yoga practice.

I was particularly fascinated by Lynn Jensen, who invented Fertility Yoga almost 20 years ago. I completed level one and two of the “Yoga for Fertility” teacher training, which is the only in-person Fertility Yoga training in the word, and attended her workshop called “Yoga for Healthy Hormones” in Seattle. Lynn has helped thousands of women with Fertility Yoga, and has trained me to do the same. Additionally, I have taken the teacher training course on Hormone Yoga Therapy for women by Brazilian Master, Dinah Rodriguez, who mainly focused on the symptoms of menopause and hormonal imbalances.

My aim is to empower women to reconnect with their bodies and reach their full potential.

Welcome to "Her Yoga Practice"