All classes are located in Sheung Wan

Online classes every Sundays at 10.30am HK Time

For bookings, or private lessons, kindly contact me via Whatsapp at +852 5728 1389.

Healthy Cycles & Hormones Yoga – Follicular Phase
When? After your period finish, until ovulation.
This will be a more dynamic class, with more movements to stimulate your ovaries. If you have PCOS and don’t know where you are in your cycle, this class is a good fit.

Healthy Cycles & Hormones Yoga – Luteal Phase
When? After ovulation, until the end of your period.
Expect a gentle, restorative class to nourish our lovely progesterone hormone.
If you have endometriosis, I invite you to join this class.
The practice is not recommended during the two first days of your flow.

Launching offer packages:
Trial class – $100, $80 if you bring a friend πŸ™‚
1 class – $280

6 classes – $1440 ($240/class)
Valid 3 months

12 classes – $2640 ($220/class)
Valid 3 months

Terms & Conditions:
No expiry date
Limited to first-time student

Cancellation policy:
24h before the class start, otherwise the class is due

The best way to be updated on futures group classes and workshops is to leave me your email address at the bottom of this page.

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